What are Fire Rated LED downlights?

Fire rated LED downlights refers to low energy and high output type of bulbs that are available in a variety of colors. Recently, these forms of bulbs have been used in place of fluorescent and incandescent sources of light. They are attractive and last longer. LED downlights are being used in stage lighting designs, security, exterior, decoration, interior and torch. In simple terms, LED downlights refer to LED lighting designed to be placed in the cavity of the roof hence the light is illuminated directly below. More fire rated LED downlights can be found at http://www.deslamps.co.uk and also on Amazon by searching LED lighting.

How they work:

Contrary to the fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, these lights do not make use phosphorous powder or filament in order to emit light. They are made from a semiconductor that is made of solid material. When electrical current passes through the semiconductor, this causes movement of the subatomic particles referred to as electrons. The movement causes an excitement in the atoms which causes energy to be released in form of visible lighting.

Choosing the proper Fire Rated LED downlights.

The beam angle is important when one is choosing the right LED downlight. This is equally important as the lumen. The angle of beam will indicate how the light will spread from the source. For accent lighting, it is crucial to have a narrow beam of light. Additionally for a more soft and general light, a wider beam is essential.

It is also important to consider the lumen. The lumen refers to the standard measuring unit for light emitted from a source of light. This is usually equivalent to the amount of light that strikes a square foot of linear surface a foot away from the source of light.

What are fire rated LED downlights?

Fire rated LED downlights refers to lights designed to maintain the integrity of ceilings In case there is a fire. A metal can is found on the rear and contains intumescent materials that expand when there is too much heat in order to create a seal inside the light house. This ensures that the flames do not take hold of sensitive cut-outs on the ceiling and delays a floor from collapsing hence providing ample time for evacuation for individuals upstairs.

Importance of fire rated LED downlights:

Fire rated LED downlights are important for businessmen as it takes them minimal time to replace the inside of a structure compared to demolishing and constructing it all over again.

Additionally, fire rated LED downlights will ensure businessmen are able to return back to their businesses sooner. For people owning homes, they are able to go back to their home after some months instead of waiting for a year for repairs to come to an end. Choose LED lights as they are long-lasting and easier to manage.